Two name puzzles

Have your first name and your surname carved out from pine wood and see how they look. They will be perfect for your room. They are also perfect for surprising your friends and showing how much you love them. They … Continued

Personalized pen holders

The personalized pen holders are great for any occasion because they are a personalized gift. They can have the initials of the people you wish to surprise. They are wooden and polished which makes them a great decoration for every … Continued

Family puzzles – unique gifts

The family name puzzles are a unique idea for a present. They are great for any occasion. They are suitable for a boy or girl, for a man or a woman, and for your family. You can add a metal … Continued

Pen holders with personal two initials

The best models in the world of Name2puzzle do not stop surprising us with new models. This puzzle is made with two initials. It is perfect for every home or office. They are handmade from pine and are an amazing … Continued

Pen holders with initials

The amazing pen holders are perfect for everyone and for every desk in the office. They are handmade from wood and are a perfect decoration. They are personalized because they are with the initials of the person you give them … Continued

One name puzzle

The one name puzzles are a new and a unique idea if you want to surprise someone special. They will be amazed by how their initials look when they are carved from pine wood and then polished. They are made … Continued

Family name puzzles

The wooden family puzzles are a great gift for every family. Get this amazing present and this one-of-a-kind decoration for your family and you. It will be a perfect addition to your home. You can even order a metal band, … Continued

Monogram bracelet

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This bracelet is stylish and amazing. It will go with every type of clothing. It is personalized and will be great for your girlfriend or wife. It is a great present idea. It is customized and one-of-a-kind. Source: erfahrungen … Continued

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