Personalized wooden name puzzle – an original and special family gift



personalized family gift wooden name puzzle
name puzzle wooden family personalized gift

Personalized wooden name puzzle with family name on a base and a laser engraved gold plated metal strip (with the names of the members of the family, or the date of marriage). It is 100% hand made from one piece of solid pine wood. This is a perfect, unique and original gift for your family, parents or friends. This is a wonderful gift that would always remind about you and you would never be forgotten! 


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Name Puzzle – A Great Personalized Gift Idea

Name Puzzle – A Great Personalized Gift Idea for her, for him, for kid, and for a friend. More at

wooden name puzzle
name puzzle wooden gift

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Wooden Letter

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Cream hand painted initial door hanger with burlap bow - wooden letter, hand painted letter, door decor, wall decor, initial, monogram

Cream hand painted initial door hanger with burlap bow – wooden letter, hand painted letter, door decor, wall decor, initial, monogram


This decorative wood wall letter is 5 inches tall, and made of sturdy MDF. It has been printed with my hand drawn tribal print. The transfer process I use to apply my artwork to the letter gives a unique and lightly distressed look. The edges of the letter are 3/8″ thick, and have been painted in a smooth matte black.

This small letter is lightweight, and best hung using adhesive mounting squares or strips.

These letters make lovely nursery wall decor, and can be added to your gallery wall as a monogram.

Please visit the letters section of my shop here for more letters, prints, and size options.

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Name Puzzle – personalized wooden name puzzles

A wide variety of personalized wooden name puzzles for any age. Best personalised gift for newborns, for kids, for adults and for whole family from

personalized name puzzle
wooden name puzzle

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Man-made Learning ability

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Man-made Learning ability

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Akademische und berufliche Erstellen eine Untersuchung Papier wie zu schreiben schreiben einer Hausarbeit untersuchen schriftliche Dokumente

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NARCISSISTIC Style Affliction – Our TRAIT

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NARCISSISTIC Style Affliction – Our TRAIT

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Mobile app advancement remedies just for you!

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Mobile app advancement remedies just for you!

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Custom Wooden Name Puzzle Gift

When choosing a message gift, you should consider personal preferences, character and needs of the recipients. Make them feel really special and valuable, giving them the gift you have chosen. The personalized wooden name puzzle gift is a perfect gift for newborns, kids, family members, relatives, colleagues and friends.

Unique Personalized Name Puzzle Gift

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