Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts

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Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts – A super easy gift to make and give!
“When my sisters and I were growing up, we didn’t just celebrate our birthday on one day, we had an entire week of little festivities that truly made each one of us feel special. Very rarely did we receive actual gifts during the week (a small candy or toy, maybe), raising three active girls can get pricey! Instead, my mother would send sweet little notes in our lunch bag, give the birthday girl full reign of the TV for a night, or cook our favorite dinner. Now that I’m repeating the tradition with my boys, I realize just how exhausting it is to plan a full weeks worth of birthday surprises but the payback in joy and memories is priceless!”

Materials:1 Cup Baking Soda1/2 Cup Citric Acid (found in canning section)1/2 Cup Corn Starch2 Tbsp Epsom Salt2 Tbsp Coconut Oil6 Tbsp WaterFew Drops of Tangerine Essential Oil and/or Peach Soap Dye (or food coloring)Fillable Christmas Ball Ornament

Instructions and more details here :

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